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welcome tinydeal
64 bit zopo zp920 dual sim 4g lte
Zopo di sé resuscitare sulla scena con il ZP920, che probabilmente sapete molto bene ormai. Tuttavia, i dettagli sul dispositivo sono emerse online prima del lancio, che punta a un dispositivo che potrebbe benissimo essere quello che molti sono stati in attesa di: mano singolo utilizzo, 64-bit SoC e molto altro! La maggior parte dei telefoni cellulari cinesi dual sim 4G LTE. soprattutto quelli MediaTek alimentati, difficilmente offrono prestazioni decenti WiFi, dimenticare il supporto 5GHz WiFi. Tuttavia, il ZP920 sembra un telefono in missione, e con 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi, il dispositivo promette qualche connettività WiFi veloce. Grazie ad un display 5,2 pollici, il ZP920 sarà più piccolo rispetto alla maggior parte phablets 5,5 pollici che hanno rilasciato nel corso dell'anno, e piacerà a coloro che preferiscono utilizzare il proprio telefono con una sola mano. La star dello spettacolo ZOPO ZP920 comunque sarà il MediaTek MT6752 a 64-bit SoC - come la m1... (more)

My Worlds Escape
Trust and Consequence

So where do I begin to discuss the recent turn of events over the last few days. My last entry made me come to the realization that there is no miraculous milestone for which my g/f needs to reach so we can "progress" in our relationship. But it wasn't until this holiday trip I just took that i realized what it really boils down to... Trust. I don't trust my girlfriend. I don't trust that she'll be the person she claims to be (relatively speaking), I don't trust that shes been honest with me, and I don't trust that her intentions are so innocent.So entering our big trip, I had all these things circling in my mind. Mainly all due to the fact that I didn't feel like she cares to resolve any of issues I may have with her (or even discuss them) that its caused me to take a second glance at my relationship as a whole.So we leave on this trip for the holidays and from the first moment it starts shes begins blaming me for not coordinating with the ski group on a more accurate and timely... (more)

Pergh.. Last update lama giler nie..

.: LifeHasBegun:.
I can't remember what was the last time i'm crazy to malay drama. Heheheeh. Tengok, intro pun dah feeling tulis omputih. OMG Adi Putraaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. kena nak kena charming sangat nieh?? I'm melting. Suka tengok karektor dia dalam cerita ini. Hi Encik Iqbal *senyum sambil lambai belakang pintu* Aku baru tengok cerita ini start hari rabu lepas. Cover episod lepas-lepas dekat tonton je... Sebelum ini memang dah pernah tengok iklan dekat tv. Rasa macam nak layan, tapi biasalah bila tengok iklan macam tak ingat bila slot tayangan. Biasalah TV3 kan ada banyak slot, isnin selasa lah, khamis jumaat la, rabu saja lah.. ntah. Pening. So lepas tengok iklan terus lupa bila nak follow. Memandangkan kerja tak berapa banyak minggu nie,terasa macam nak tengok tonton kot-kot ada cerita apa yang best. Sekali nampak Zahira ini terussssss terjebak!!! Tak tau dah berapa kali dok ulang tengok episod yang ada scene-scene yang best. Ini sempat capture episod 8 dah 9 je. Tak tahan... (more)

god's house
"Jesus Goes Up To God's House" 2014 Advent Read Luke 2:21-24. They brought Him up to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord. Luke 2:22B Our Nativity scene has the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and the angel and shepherds. The only figures left in my collection are the wise men. But they weren't part of the first Christmas gathering. In fact, at the moment the shepherds were hurrying to find the baby, the wise men were just first seeing the star in their own countries. They still had to gather their provisions and set out on their long journey to meet the King of the Jews. So on Christmas morning I like to put my wise men on the opposite side of the room from the Nativity scene, and slowly move them closer and closer each day through the twelve days of Christmas until they arrive at Jesus' feet on Epiphany Day, January 6. Since today is the second day of Christmas, they still have a long way to go. In the meantime, during these twelve days of Christmas, we will be... (more)

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